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HTS compounds

Synthon-Lab has about 50000 unique and diverse screening compounds in stock. All in-stock HTS compounds are available in at least 10 mg amount. Most of them meet 95+% wt. purity confirmed by 1H NMR. In-stock compounds can be delivered within 1–2 weeks (delivery period can be longer in case of large orders).

In-stock HTS compounds and in-stock building blocks are compiled into the common Cumulative database of in-stock compounds and can be searched separately. This database also contains the following pre-calculated ADME descriptors allowing clients to apply their own flexible search criteria:

  • Two-dimensional polar surface area
  • The number of rotatable bonds
  • AlogP98 descriptor
  • The number of hydrogen bond acceptor groups
  • The number of hydrogen bond donor groups
  • The total number of "Rule of Five" violations
Price group information is also included. Please, contact us about current price groups.